Medic x reader angst

Medic x reader angst

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Within this unbreakable feud of greed and violence I found some comfort in this chaotic garden of bullets from the little red flowers blooming in your wake. Companion piece to "This Is Where We Are Now," where I'll post any chapters that I choose to write from a different perspective often Medic's, since it's a popular request and very helpful or any scenes that simply don't make it into TiWWaN for one reason or another, but could still be part of the continuity of the story.

Though very little of the words seemed to make sense to you, the gist of it certainly did. You were being blackmailed. No amount of sunscreen can save you from the pale glare overhead; the only thing that eases your eyes is the brim of your homburg—and barely that. What it says on the tin: a reader-insert fic with a plausible tenth class. As it turns out, one of the most unfortunate mistakes the CEO of an international, omnipotent company can make is blackmailing and backstabbing his rival into submission.

medic x reader angst

You're caught in the periphery of a plot to restore the natural order: but how exactly do you fit into this violent, maniacal universe? Based on the lovely submissions at date-a-merc-who. Due to series of events in which you allegedly murder your commanding officer, you are 'promoted' from Overwatch and relocated to a military compound in New Mexico. The nine mercenaries you meet there are a constant reminder of what you did. You aren't sure how long you can last, not even when the team's doctor falls head over heels for you.

Lost keys and a night at the compound leads to something more as you get friendly with the team's doctor. Samantha wakes up in the infirmary, weak from excessive blood loss. Medic, unwilling to lose her again, sticks close to her while also trying to not get too close.

Maybe the heartless and sadistic Medic has a heart after all, he just needed to be reminded.

medic x reader

Can't live with them, and you certainly can't live without them. When you're fresh out of medical school, inexperienced, and jobless, you'd do anything for a chance at success. However, that drive ends you up in the middle of a desert with nine men who likely couldn't pass a sanity test with the answers laid in front of them. Anything for success right? It's been a year and a half since you joined, and still none of your teammates actually accept you for being female.I need the practice!

Feel free to request him separately another time though! With a crash and boom, the building collapsed. Though very clean, per request of the team, it was not without debris and heavy smoke.

All contact was cut with them, causing everyone to go into a frightened frenzy. It took nearly an hour to find them among the ruble, barely alive. He felt nausea at the pit of his stomach, turned his back on the team, kneeling over, and covered his ears. He threw a threat in direction of the thugs; a few, easily tempered ones, attacked him in response. He was quick to act. Taking them down near effortlessly. His heart dropped and he froze. Everything was moving so slow.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It was a monumental task; even with years of training and practice, the pure momentum of the suit was hard to predict and control. Usually he would go barreling through foes, hammer swinging, and his teammates could avoid him with ease.

Cut, bruised, and bleeding, they lay on the other side, unconscious. Picking them up delicately, he called for a medic, voice rough and uneven.

The enemy knew this, knew that the best corse of action was to find a way to disarm him. The numbers were almost overwhelming, but still, one by one they fell by the hands of the Overwatch agents. Nearly surrounded, they fought back to back, refusing to lose. He was on his back, grip like iron around his Peace Maker. The struggle continued for a moment before the assailant was thrown off, and McCree saw what he had shot.

They, on the other hand, thought that they could predict him, and felt safe around him. They wanted to work alongside him. And, Talon needed them to work together; the chemistry was just too strong.

So, Reaper reluctantly agreed to a single mission, but throughout the battle he steered clear of them as best he could. He cursed under his breath, dropped his guns, and wreathed in the direction that they had fallen. He orders his men to provide cover fire as he forcibly made his way through enemy lines to retrieve their limp body. It was surprising how badly injured they were, though. Funny thing about strength, however: it gets altered by anger.

He saw them, amongst the unconscious bodies, bleeding out. His first reaction was to panic. He did that?! That was his fault!? They would not die in his arms.Being on night watch, you find yourself lost in your own thoughts. You receive a strange form of comfort from an unlikely slightly rude fellow. Keep reading. I do have some drafts and stuff open and I occasionally post.

Finally updated the blog with a rules page! I took forever and a day to answer this, but here it is. Sorry for my absence. Sorry if this disappoints you! Late Night Comfort Sniper Being on night watch, you find yourself lost in your own thoughts. You were assigned to be the lookout for the night. Bad things. You could only seem to focus on the negatives tonight, no matter what you tried.

You were lost in your thoughts and could only manage to stare at the walls quietly. The night felt like it was lasting forever. You had no idea that Sniper had been watching you from the corner of their eyes. But since it was the two of you, he sighed and spoke without turning to look at you. You perked up when you realized and looked at him. The sniper, now growing uncomfortable with his harsh words lingering in the air with no response, sighed and turned towards you.

With a sigh of defeat, you express to him your troubles. He listened to every detail as he multitasked between watching your body language and face, and keeping lookout.

Once you were finished, he gave it a few moments before standing and approaching you. He put a hand on your shoulder and looked out the same window you were. You turned your head to look at him, quite shocked that he approached you this close.

Take your mind off of it. He looked down at you. It was the best thing he could think of to get your mind off of your troubles.Originally posted by wireskullarchived. Tw: Medical stuff, dubcon, abuse, bondage, blackmailing, blood, yandere themes. This was commissioned!!! The first one I have gotten and I would love to thank the lovely person who paid for my writing. I definitely enjoyed writing this. The rain poured as you shuddered, the bus stop where you were staying that night was lit up by the flickering street lights while you waited for the train.

It only just occurred to you that the bus may not even be coming with the weather being as it is. Your phone glowed in your hand as you tried to browse away your worries that came from being here. You needed out of this town and away from the hand that you had been dealt by the shitty folks of the city. Anywhere was better than here. You knew that, ignoring the frantic texts from your mother. She was begging you to come home, to think about and telling you how crazy you were being.

The funny part was, she was the one who let your father throw things at you. You still were nursing your arm as the shirt you wrapped around it was… Less than dry as blood soaked the already rain dampened fabric. Wincing, you looked at your hand and then nearly jumped at the shaking of any umbrella. It was a man in a trenchcoat, a pair of glasses on his face and dark hair. He was rather handsome with a good jaw and strong features, but his eyes were on you… It was an intent gaze as he was seemingly to analyze what form of foreign creature you were.

You froze, realizing the amount of blood you had bled unto the bench and pavement beneath you as your hands shook. It was surreal as he slowly began addressing your wound and a hiss escaped you. He asked minimal questions, but he did talk about the weather and such. It was actually soothing to hear him speak, because soon you were trying to stay awake.

Helping you, he informed you that he was going to take you to a nearby place and get you something to eat. You needed to stay awake.

The night went on. You learned his name was Ludwig and he was from Stuttgart, Germany. You began to feel better. The way he seemed so generous was… It was lovely, he was genuine in how he treated you. His brows furrowed in, frowns come and he even offers to let you stay with him. He gave you his number to call if the wound gave you more trouble though and it was… You would take him up on that. He was very persistent on you contacting him again though, just to continue talking.

You were told how you were… less annoying than the average person and it was flattering, you supposed. After he left, you slowly made your way to a motel. Scraping together the money from working was beneficial as you now sat in a room with warmth in it.

Your sleep was dreamless that night, but it was better than nightmares. The cut was healing alright, but it still hurt. You had actually been texting Ludwig, who helped you that night. Mainly for info on how to deal with your wound. He was more than helpful as you took care to follow his instructions.Thank you so much!

Keep reading. Sis part 7. Originally posted by tommyshhelby. Your relationship with John was a weird one to say the least.

John was probably the sibling you were closest too. The big turning point in your relationship had been during the week after Grace had died. The pain cause your eyes to water and you suddenly found yourself crying, sinking to the floor, not worried about the blood dripping everywhere. John had poked his head in to make sure you were ok and, upon seeing you on the floor, bleeding and crying, had knelt down next to you, taking you in his arms and holding you. It was rare for either one of you to cry in front of the other.

John looked up at you and laughed through his tears at your terrified expression, wiping his eyes. Are you? You shook your head, hanging your coat up and stepping further into the room. John sighed. You gave him an unconvinced look as you sat down next to him and nudged him with your elbow. Just…just hurt. You nodded, understanding what he was trying to say. You hummed. Originally posted by winteringinrome.

Five years of Ada raising Karl by herself and, somehow, managing to keep the rest of the family in check. You knew what day it was. Ada was always a bit more subdued and snappier on the day, not that you minded.

Polly did too, the two of you, together, telling the boys to fuck off and leave their sister alone. The five-year anniversary was slightly different, however. Race day happened to fall on the same day and tempers were high. So, it was no surprise that, after one snide comment too many from John and Tommy snapped at her that Ada lost her temper and yelled at them both, locking herself in her old bedroom.

You weaved your way through the people packed into the ship and over to your brother. You rolled your eyes. John gestured to the stairs and you headed up them.

You tapped Tommy on the shoulder, and he moved out the way, leaning against the wall behind you. You knocked on the door.

Dabi Comic dub Compilation [MY HERO ACADEMIA]

Tommy sighed and turned, walking down the stairs leaving you alone on the landing. The door unlocked and you let yourself in, shutting it behind you. You nodded, stroking her hair softly.Nothing makes this boy happier than getting to hold your hand while you two are walking side by side or running a hand down your back while you cuddle. Demoman: Physical Touch Another touchy-feely guy. Heavy: Quality Time No distractions, no teammates trying to kill each other - just you and him in your own little world.

He might not look it, but Misha is a fantastic conversationalist when he opens up to you. Eloquence was never his strong suit so the slow, quiet hours spent with you in his tower perch mean the world to him. He could die a happy man when you let him rest his head on your lap.

Spy: Words of Affirmation One might assume it would be gifts with just how many he sends you while undercover, but his words are worth their weight in gold. He will never miss an opportunity to tell you how radiant you are or how special you make him feel. Read on AO3. No one had ever seen you without clothing before. Do the next one. Never kissing. Never stripping. I hope you enjoyed it, boo—I love you so much.

Keep reading. Note: Just got back from two-day family vacation. A merc with balls to spare thinks it would be a marvelous idea to make a move on you right in front of Medic.

In fact, take your leave and retreat back to your bedroom and wait fifteen minutes to half an hour for a polite but self assured knocking can be heard at your door. Open it to find a still rather grumpy Medic who enters your room with out a proper greeting, much to your amusement. You think for a brief moment he might ravish you before resting his head with a small grumble on your chest, his legs curling up underneath his as to get into a more comfortable position.

Hell yea. The most amazing thing. Have this weird inside joke going on. The typical America vs England trope. Ketchup is ketchup! There is no other vegetable ketchup! And if you baked it together?

medic x reader angst

Was he even appealing to you at all? But my boy Medic needs some love. So can I please get dating Medic headcannons?

peaky blinders x reader

Thank you. Nothing much, home slice. Ahhh Medic, my second favorite TF2 character.Originally posted by osakaxkobe. He once made his sweet Omega cry when he was in a bad mood. He rushed to your side and allowed his calming sent to take up the room. His purrs were loud to try and soothe you. He would do anything for his Omega. As long as he had his Omega he was fine.

His alpha instincts were on full alert.

medic x reader angst

He made sure to buy a ton more blankets and pillows to help keep your nest as soft and comfortable on your tired pregnant body. He took his alpha duties as seriously as his hero work. You eat up. I know my brave Alpha was fighting a ton of villains today. You need all the food you can get so you can protect Japan. You bet his ass he was gonna destroy the bathroom door an anything else that got in his way as he went looking for you throughout the house.

He later found it in the toilet and had to get a new one. Bent over the kitchen counter clutching your hand to your chest.

What happened? Did you hurt yourself? His Alpha pushing against his chest to figure out what had caused his mate harm. Whatever it was would be obliterated in a second. Right now he needed to make sure his Omega was safe. I just slammed my thumb when I was putting away the forks, spoons, and chopsticks.

You tried your best to make sure you told him your were fine when he would worry too much. You could have hurt yourself. What if you dropped a plate?

medic x reader angst

You could have cut yourself.

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