Nike marketing internship summer 2021

Nike marketing internship summer 2021

Converse is a place to explore potential, break barriers and push out the edges of what can be. The company looks for people who can grow, think, dream and create. Its culture thrives by embracing diversity and rewarding imagination. The brand seeks achievers, leaders and visionaries.

This belief motivates our employees, permeates our working environment and inspires our products. No two of us look or think exactly alike. We are each one-of-a-kind. Individually and as a culture, we have the freedom to create and grow professionally. Generous benefits packages only sweeten the experience. From Boston to Shanghai, from Brand Design to Finance, Converse is a brand that celebrates the unique and creative people of the world.

Delivering on this promise means we allow you to be at your best — and to do that, you need to understand how the hiring process works. Transparency is key. Note there may be different hiring steps involved for non-corporate roles. All who work here should be able to realize their full potential. Select your Location. Asia Pacific. Middle East. Search Jobs. Become part of the Converse Team Converse is a place to explore potential, break barriers and push out the edges of what can be.

Who Converse represents is who Converse hires. If you're one-of-a-kind, you should try us on. Apply here if your skills, experiences and passion align with an internship in Marketing. Did you spend quarantine in sneakers? If so, we may already be friends. Converse believes that unleashing the creative spirit will change the world.

nike marketing internship summer 2021

Are you one of those creative spirits? Are you ready to be a vital contributor during your time with us? If you are, then an internship at Converse is the place for you.

Students have the opportunity to learn from an iconic American brand while building a diverse professional network. See how we make the brand happen from the insight. The program runs eleven weeks, and none of us will ever be the same.Located in our global HQ, but recruited from all over the world, US Converse Internships explore the intersections of all Converse business: sport, fashion, retail, e-commerce, technology, finance, legal, design, sustainability and more.

Converse offers programs at our European Headquarters in Hilversum, Amsterdam, where interns are fully immersed in our culture of serving the daring spirit of youth. We currently don't have any open internships. New internships can open up any day so be sure to check again soon.

Meanwhile, feel free to look around and see what else we have to offer. We believe that a talented, diverse and inclusive employee base helps drive the creativity that is central to Converse. Meet some of our recent interns and learn about how they got started on their paths to success.

Grow With Nike

Interested in working for a fixed amount of time? Converse offers a variety of contract opportunities in numerous departments.

Create an account with Flex to learn more. Search Jobs. Fortunately, Converse is a great answer. We love discovering new talent and helping people to develop their skills. See Internships. Open Internships. No Open Internships We currently don't have any open internships. Anthony T. Madison D.

Can students do an internship after they have graduated? No,to be eligible for an internship, the applicant must still be enrolled in a university or equivalent-level school.Driven by our passion for sport and our instinct for innovation, we aim to elevate human potential.

That means you. We believe that diversity fosters creativity and accelerates innovation. We believe in protecting a planet where all athletes can thrive. And we believe every kid, everywhere, should have access to sport.

Converse Marketing Internship

We may not look or act the same, but we all share the same drive for greatness. That is the backbone of the Nike family. Oregon is home to Nike, but our story goes far beyond Beaverton. Select your Location. Asia Pacific. Middle East. Section 1: Move the World. Welcome to Nike Careers.

Nike Internship for Undergraduate Students 2020 in USA – Global Operations Internship

Search Jobs. Move the World Welcome to Nike Careers. Search Jobs Find Your Fit. Explore the story behind the swoosh. NIKE, Inc. See The Nike Family. Win As a Team We believe in the inspirational power of sport to break down barriers, overcome differences and bring people together.Nike Global Operations Internship is one of the best internship programs in the world.

The Nike international internships in the USA are paid internships and all interns are paid a competitive salary. NIKE Recruits students from all over the world. NIKE, Inc. It is a place to explore potential, obliterate boundaries and push out the edges of what can be.

The company looks for people who can grow, think, dream and create. Its culture thrives by embracing diversity and rewarding imagination. The brand seeks achievers, leaders, and visionaries. Students from all over the world can apply for the Nike Internship in Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, or disability.

The team ensures our product sourcing plans align with downstream marketplace demands, enabling Nike to serve our consumers with the product they want, when they want it, and wherever they want it. The team constantly strives to move faster, more efficiently, and with more flexibility to support the rapidly changing retail industry and constantly evolving consumer demands. It takes imagination to tackle challenges, create change and stay on the cutting edge. This is a time of unlimited opportunity and near-constant change, so we are always looking for the next generation of talent to help us grow.

We pursue greatness and chase ambitious goals — so we recruit only the best. Explore Nike internships and get in the game.

You need to apply for Nike internship Only online applications will be submitted. You can submit personal and professional information by uploading a resume or by importing a profile from a third-party service. The system will automatically extract the relevant information from the profile or the resume and fill out part of the online submission. You can review the extracted information and make the appropriate changes in the next steps.

If you do not upload a profile or a resume, you will need to fill out the online submission manually. Scholarships Corner is a diverse forum where people aspiring to pursue higher studies or polishing their educational and professional skills. Sign in.

Log into your account.Internship Program is the ideal opportunity to explore the intersection of all Nike businesses: sport, sustainability, fashion, retail, e-commerce, technology, finance, legal, design and more. Converse believes in unleashing the creative spirit that will change the world. So it only makes sense we value energized interns who are inspired to be on the cutting edge of sport.

We currently don't have any open internships. New internships can open up any day so be sure to check again soon. Meanwhile, feel free to look around and see what else we have to offer.

Select your Location. Asia Pacific. Middle East. Search Jobs. We continue to invest in providing a world class experience for our summer interns. Our interns work on meaningful projects that are part of the business road map, are exposed to multiple teams, and are a major part of our community. Our summer programming provides access to leadership and professional growth workshops to gain meaningful career experience. See Internships. See All Internships. Open Internships.

a day in the life of a Google software engineer intern

No Open Internships We currently don't have any open internships. Internship FAQS. No, to be eligible for an internship you must still be enrolled in a university or equivalent-level school. Are the internships paid? Yes, all Nike and Converse interns are paid.This course should be called Intro to R for Busy People.

I'm really glad I took this course and will recommend it to others. Thank you John and the TAs!. You've made my fear of R vanish-- the pace of the course definitely helped with building confidenceI took the course to get starting using R, thus I think this will help with my use of statistics in the future. Thank you for the excellent course. I appreciated the timely and detailed responses from Dr.

Discussions initiated by other students were also very valuable - esp for PCA and ClustersInstructor gave good, understandable answers on the board, and several nice summaries of topics we were covering. I have truly enjoyed this course with Professor Babinec. Anthony did a great job of answering questions, adding explanations and expanding on ideas.

The best teacher I have had at statistics. The course has fueled my desire to increase my understanding of measurement, specifically Physics 6a ucla and IRT techniques and theories.

This course helped me to learn more about Rasch analysis and Winsteps. I feel that this course taught me the how and why of what I see in my daily work. I like that there was detailed feedback for the assignments. The feedback was really helpful. This has given me a great overview of Rasch and introduced me to Winsteps which I will use instead of Quest in the future. Thanks, the course was very useful and was very clear and well explained, especially for a beginner like me. I'd like to thank Mr.

Strasma and the Teaching Assistants for a very solid and productive course. I'd love to take additional politically orientated statistics classesI highly recommend this course for anyone new to R but planning to take GLM, Logistic regression etc as it gives such a great foundation. I am an actuary and all the concepts dealt with in this course are highly applicable to everyday modelling workI need all the modeling practice I can get in R.

nike marketing internship summer 2021

Questions which required participants to replicate examples in text consolidate learning very much. Instructors were on hand to answer every question that came their way.

nike marketing internship summer 2021

I work on projects with multilevel data and this course solidified my understanding of mixed modeling statistical concepts and available analysis packages. I am very happy with this course. The instructors and TA were very responsive and explained the material very clearly. I appreciated having access to archives of previous discussions. This really aided in my learning. I will be using the methodology of meta-analysis for my dissertation which is on effective schools. This will help me in my work as I am a principal of an elementary school and want to know which strategies have the greatest impact on student achievementThis is an excellent course with a lot covered (beyond expectation).

The tutor has been very responsive to queries and commentsDr. Rothstein is an excellent instructor. I have taught blended classes and know that instructor responses are crucial to the quality of discussion threads.

Rothstein's responses are excellent: informative and kind. I really enjoyed this course. Great recorded lectures and materials. Questions on the discussion forums were very, very goodThe instructor, Dr. LaBudde was highly effective. His written lectures contributed greatly to my understanding and his patient and lengthy answers to my at times overly general questions were extremely informative.With this resource, we teach you how to identify and target your weaknesses as well as how to find the best passage-reading strategy for you.

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nike marketing internship summer 2021

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