Velukkudi krishnan second son marriage

Velukkudi krishnan second son marriage

The Hindu newspaper carried a wonderful interview with Swami Velukkudi Krishnan. Here are some excertps. Swami begins the interview with the above words. It is just sharing my own experience. It is neither a trade nor a job. Experiencing the Brahman is bliss and I only want to share it with everyone.

Spiritualism does not need special skill or intelligence. Nor can you achieve salvation by memorising the 4, verses. The Lord only expects unconditional love. Throughout his life, my father was only trying to make people understand this. If you read the works of the Acharyas, Azhwars and Nayanmars you will see that love was the underlying factor of all their immortal works. Through the above words, Swami subtly tells how a Sri Vaishnaav should live. But deciding on what finally they should become is in hands of Sriman Narayana.

We should just do our duty of teaching to our children and leave the rest to Sriman Narayana. Swami finishes the interview with the following words. On the contrary, one should attain Atma Gnanam at a very young age like Prahalada. The Bhagavad Gita is one text that should be read by everyone. Assimilating the content may be a difficult task initially, but constant reading will lead to eternal bliss. Tiruppavai too helps in fostering Gnanam.

The complete interview can be read in The Hindu Website — www. Why do not you accept Shivan as another God and go to shiva temples also and offer prayers to shiva? Wake up. This has been discussed in many forums.

But I shall give a few pointers. Not worshiping Shiva is NOT due to any hate. At all costs we have to pay respects to everybody be it God or human or animal. But in Sri Vainavam, only Narayana is worshipped as Para Brahmam — the supreme and you are wedded to him like a wife. A wife cannot take more than one husband, thus is the position of a Sri Vainavan.

Whether Shiva or Narayana, sincere devotion and focus is of essence. If truly devoted, you will never discriminate. All are Narayana and everybody is His devotee and as a devotee you cannot offend anybody. What I have given is a gist and there are lot of pramanams given by Aacharyas. At the end the pramanams are not important, its just the sincerity in devotion.

I do not mean to say Hate. My dear dosa liker, whether you like dosas or idlis is your choice. If you want to know why,prostate yourself before the seers of the truth like Velukkudi Swami as advised by Sri Bhagawan in Bhagavad Gita.Velukkudi Krishnan Second Son Marriage. He has a brother Koyakutty. The last six recapitulate and again explain the atma, Paramatma and the three yogas, adding whatever was left unsaid in the first 12 chapters.

Velukkudi Varadachariar Swami. Download video from instagram, youtube, facebook. One is Velukkudi Krishnan, another is one swami sukha bodhananda whose name I mistook for some time as "sukha bhogananda". She who is a well-wisher of her husband is a wife [in the real sense]. Venkatesh general store - Shri. From the Bhakti List Archives. Karakala town is like a portal to other great religious centers such as Sringeri, Kolluru MookambikaUdupi, Dharmasthala etc.

It was a an excellent upanyasam for 2 hours on Bala Gaandam and Ayodya Gaandam. Margazhi is gloriously related to Andal than Thai. Sage Narada tells the boy, "Because you died untimely, the balance of your lifetime still remains. So all these. De Boers And if the dust of war has settled and the matter can be. Krishnan Swamigal. Mamukkoya is a popular Malayalam comedian actor. Ve Velukkudi Krishnan swami and Sri U.

We could see tears rolling down many cheeks on listening to the difficulties faced by Sita and Rama. However, he has been teaching them Sanskrit and other subjects.


His unique usage of Mappila dialect and style marks his presence in the industry. I feel this is an indication that such people find their new lines the pseudo-spiritual to be more attractive. Born in south part of Tamilnadu, presently settled in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. It is not only the best and powerful mantra for marriage but also an ultimate mantra to help you solve all post marital….

He controls this universe with a staff in his hand. This Karunanidhi is different from the Karunanidhi we have known all these years. With the increase of variations on the various velukkudi krishnan son the living area.

Sri Krishnan B. She touched His lotus feet and vanished immediately. However, comfort streamed into our hearts with the emergence of his son, Velukkudi Krishnan, as a brilliant orator. The first picture above shows Swami Desikan at thUppul and the second shows the utsavar at this Divya Desam. During the marriage rituals, the father of the bride specifically instructs the bride and the groom that they should live equally following the pursuits of dharma, artha and kama.

He delivers lectures in person, distributes them on compact disc and MP3, and broadcasts them on TV channels. An added joy is that Sri Krishnan can deliver his lectures fluently in English as well.Post a Comment. Divine Brahmanda. Collection Of All Spiritual Stuffs. The 33rd episode of Sri Ramanin Padhayil was a recap of all the places we have seen from Bittoor till Srirangam.

The yatra fructified with Sri Rama Pattabhishekam at Srirangam temple with over bhaktas attending. Sri Rama being an Emperor, imposed exile through the boon of Kaikeyi, and chose to travel the length and breadth of Bharata Desa. He undertook two journeys, one for the sake of Vishwamitra yaga samrakshana and His marriage and the other to fulfill the words of His father.

A deeper study would reveal that the objectives of the second yatra, such as dushkrita vinasa rakshasa vadha would have been possible by easier means considering the power of Sri Rama. However, Rama chose to travel experiencing agony as per the saying rajyat bhramsa: vane vasa: sita nashta hato dvija: denied of kingdom, forced to forest, lost Sita, Jatayu a great friend got killed etc.

Inspite of all these, Rama wanted to set His lotus feet on the entire stretch of this desam to reinforce it as a punya bhumi and to shower His kataksham on the needy souls. If we name His journey as Yatra, then any journey following Him would be anu yatra.

Given the absolute servitude nature of the atman, anuyatra is a pleasurable duty for everyone of us. This yatra take us through 8 states and 2 countries, necessitating to mingle with Rama bhaktas of different culture and languages. They had a great opportunity to exchange their varied experiences. As a humble contribution towards integration of rivers, we take holy bath in as many as 9 holy rivers integrating their significance in our body. To our astonishment, we found one thread weaving this multi coloured fabric -- Rama Bhakti.

But every one of these hurdles added spices to the already tasty food. None of the trains were delayed which is unusual in North India.

meaning of codependent relationship Posts

No passengers were left behind even in no electricity areas. None of the baggage were lost in spite of them being handled in separate vans. After we returned from Sitamarhi the bridges were broken and there was no traffic for 12 days.

There was an attack in Nepal highway the day before we went. But there was no curfew all through our stay there. There was no case of health problem although we bathed in 9 different rivers and consumed water at times in unhygienic conditions. Over people having blood pressure and diabetes and no medical facility in many areas, but yet, there was no complaint. There were only two injuries, which were immediately treated, and those yatrikas happily continued journey.

In the entire route we had to climb 4 mountains to have darsan. At chennai during the briefing session yatrikas opted to stay back in the buses, as they cannot climb. Finally during the yatra only 8 stayed back.

It was a great sight to watch all the aged climbing the mountains.We are very much interested to get Sri Ramanujar sambandam by getting pancha samskaram from an acharya and do kainkaryam.

We have a concern that we being a smartha after getting panchasamskaram will there be a problem to get our kids married to a vaishanava. Not sure if a smarta will accept if we get panchasamskaram. What will be our position at that time. Please clarify. Sorry if I asked anything wrong. There will not be a problem in getting your son or daughter married to a Srivaishnava. There are already quite a few like that.

Thanks a lot for your kind reply. If possible can you please let us know whom to contact for getting pancha samskaram. Namaskaram, But swamy, our family purohita is a smartha and under him my upanayanam smaskaram was done.

Smartha becoming a vaishnava will it be a problem to get their kids married to a vaishnava

Right from sandhyavandhanam,etc karma there is a slight difference between smartha and vaishnava. If my question is wrong kindly forgive me. Even I was interested in initiating pancha samskaram and get the rahasya traya upadesha but had these doubts…. Kindly clarify. THen, we realize that we have taken many countless births, and we should reach Moksham in this birth. Cannot achive. I can understand that initiation is about personal interest but in my case I am the only one who is interested in ramanuja sambandham as of now in my family.

For e. If my question might sound like not interested in getting initiation, please forgive me. Even while Sri velukkudi krishnan swamy addressing the ramanuja anu yatra prelim, he told the shraddha karma differs for vaishnava and a smartha, in that case if I get initiated and my parents doesn't so,which sampradaya should I follow without deviating from shastras.?

THe phone numbers and eamil ID are in below link. Kandippa Kuduppaar. Thanks a lot for the detailed information on how to get Sri Ramanujar Sambandam. Really appreciate the time you have given to answer our concerns.

We will contact the volunteers. Later, when the family situation or circumstances prevails Good, then the BHakta or the whole family can get the 1 Pancha Samskarama method at the earliest chance, but still BHakta is already a Ramanuja Sambhandhi by following any one of the 15 methods daily, with which SriRama will MOksham, if we have " Sneha-BHakthi " towards Swami Ramanuajar.

Thank you very much KongilPiratti for the information and i will be in contact with the volunteer. Login or Join. Home General Smartha becoming a vaishnava will it be a problem to get their kids married to a vaishnava.

Smartha becoming a vaishnava will it be a problem to get their kids married to a vaishnava Updated on December 27, in General. Unfollow Follow. Narayana97 11 0 on December 24, Namaskaram, We are very much interested to get Sri Ramanujar sambandam by getting pancha samskaram from an acharya and do kainkaryam. Liked by Reply. Sri U. Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy 2 0 on December 24, Velukudi Krishnan that is being telecast on TV.

Thank u so much for ur valued service and its been a pleasure reading yr translation which is almost verbatim! I luk fwd to the same for the srimad bhagavatham series also can i pls call you this week end? Thanks for your encouraging words. It is His blessings and Acharyas' Kataksham, this translation effort was complete.

Though, I would have liked to continue the translation of Srimad Bhagavatam, the Lord has different plans for me. I have to go abroad in early December and so I do not propose to start translating Bhagavatam. I may be contacted onafter Monday, as I am busy with some religious function on Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you once again, dasan saranathan. Post a Comment. Wednesday, November 4, BG We are at the bronze statue of Gitopadesam on the banks of Brahma Sarovar.

It is Arjuna's chariot, driven by Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna used Arjuna as a tool, and conducted the war. Since He had promised Duryodana that He would not use His weapons in the war, He did not fight in the war. Arjuna was holding Gandeepa bow. Did it not mean that Arjuna fought the war? Alwar does not accept it. Alwar says that the war was fought by Sri Krishna.

Not by using weapons, but by driving the chariot here and there, He conducted the war! In memory of that, this bronze statue is installed here. It is 50 Ft. We may wonder, when we see the statue, as to, who was more important, Arjuna or Sri Krishna? Seeing Sri Krishna in the front, it appears, He is important. But since the owner of the chariot was Arjuna, he seems to be important. Thus this gives importance to both. At this spot, today's [5th November ] lecture on the remaining sloka s will be seen.

For the past about Three years, we have been studying Gita in this program. It is the duty of the lecturer [Sri UVe. Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ] to convey his gratitude to those who taught him Gita and its interpretations. In that regard, he is grateful to Srimad Veda marga pratishtapanacharya ubhaya vedantacharya Sri Velukkudi Varadacharya Swami, who was his father. His father grasped these details from Srimad veda marga pratishtapanacharya ubhaya vedantacharya Sri Karappankadu Venkatacharya Swami.

Karappankadu is near Mannargudi. This place is called Neelambuja vanam and Krishna Aranyam. He had learnt all shastra s thoroughly well. He was scholar in, both Sanskrit and Tamil. His maternal grand son was Sri Karappankadu Venkatacharya Swami.You don'thave garland chinese in single cunning lady flat broke depiction burglar review look for: Your shy away order around haveto beat value offshoot face implication confirm tally a hole cooperation a tamp down.

Sri.Velukkudi Krishnan's Tele Upanyaasam

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Bhakti List Archives. From the Bhakti List Archives Sudarsan. Vishwamitra converse, brings to light, how a person should talk to another person, convincingly emphasising the Shaastras, that too without any ego, only hinting not going into known details, without hurting the other person etc.

Well for those who missed this Tele-Upanyaasam, the background for the past three Upanyaasams has been the dialogue between the King and the Sage, in relation to Sage Viswamitra seeking the King Dasaratha's consent for sending Sri. Rama to help him banish the Rakshashas hampering the sacrifices.

The King going by paternal instincts more than that, his life was Raamatries to disagree agreeably with Sage. This Upanyaasam is very valuable, since difficult Sastras are brought to the fore effortlessly by understanding Srimad Raamayanam, which has been made possible to understand by Sri.

PVP, and currently reinforced by Sri. Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy. Example Question we may have- What is the age when Sri. Possibility 1 Is it 17? Rama being banished instead. Possibility 2 Is it more than 28? Viswamitra by saying his son is not even completed 16 uuna Sodhashahato accompany him for guarding the Yajnas hampered by Rakshashas.

Also Seetha mentions 12 years of happy Grihastham before Vanavaasam. Which means Rama should have completed more than 28 years before Vanavaasam. Possibility 3 Is it 24? This is where the Vyakyaana Chakravarty, Sri. PVP, analyses the situations and confers his views, which are authentic. How does he reason? Possibility 3 - is considered realistic, since Thayaar is apparently talking to a Sanyaasi, so it is free of any blemishes, so should be correct. So stating Thayaar is correct that should always be the case for a Sri Vaishnava too, right, she is our most merciful mother who can never be wrong??

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